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Date              Event                                                                   Time              Notes

1/8/21          Prohibition Kitchen (St.Aug) Full Band         10pm             21+

1/9/21          The Local (Jax Beach)                                     7:30pm         Family

1/15/21        Prohibition Kitchen (St.Aug) Unplugged       6pm               Family

1/30/21        Prohibition Kitchen (St.Aug) Unplugged       6pm               Family   

2/5/21          Prohibition Kitchen (St.Aug) Full Band         10pm             21+

2/12/21        Prohibition Kitchen (St.Aug) Unplugged       6pm               Valentines  Special

2/16/21        Private Second Line

2/16/21        POP UP SHOW!! (Check Instagram for Details @letsridebrassband)

2/19/21        Prohibition Kitchen (St.Aug) Unplugged       6pm               Family

2/19/21        POP UP SHOW!! (Check Instagram for Details @letsridebrassband)

2/20/21        Nocatee Mardi Gras Celebration                   10am              Family

2/20/21        Wedding - Jacksonville, FL.                                                   

2/26/21        DT JAX GALA (By Friendship Fountain)       4pm               Family

2/27/21        Festival - Melanin Market 2021                      1pm               Family

2/28/21        Festival - Melanin Market 2021                      1pm               Family

3/5/21          STREET SHOW - In The Streets of "St.Augustine"

3/11/21        The Markets @ St.John's Town Center

3/17/21        STREET SHOW - In The Streets of "Fernandina"

3/18/21        Grape & Grain Unplugged                                8pm               Family

3/18/21        STREET SHOW - In The Streets of "San Marco"

3/20/21        Brass & Brunch @ The Local (Jax Beach)

3/26/21        STREET SHOW - In The Streets of "St.Augustine"

4/2/21          STREET SHOW - In The Streets of "St.Augustine"

4/16/21        STREET SHOW - In The Streets of "St.Augustine"

4/17/21        Wedding - Jacksonville, FL.

4/30/21        STREET SHOW - In The Streets of "St.Augustine"

5/15/21        STREET SHOW - In The Streets of "St.Augustine"

5/29/21        STREET SHOW - In The Streets of "St.Augustine"

6/11/21        STREET SHOW - In The Streets of "St.Augustine"

6/18/21        STREET SHOW - In The Streets of "St.Augustine"

6/26/21        STREET SHOW - In The Streets of "St.Augustine"

7/17/21        The Local (Jax.Beach)                                     7:30pm             Family

9/10/21        The Local (Jax.Beach)                                     7:30pm             Family

9/10/21        Wedding (Hold)

10/2/21        Wedding - Atlanta, GA.

10/16/21      Wedding - Ponte Vedra, FL.

10/23/21      Wedding -

11/6/21        The Local (Jax.Beach)                                     7:30pm             Family

11/13/21      Wedding - Tallahassee, FL.

12/11/21      Tiny Dock Series 2021

12/17/21      Wedding - Haitland, FL.




Based in Jacksonville, FL. Let's Ride Brass Band is bringing "That Duval Sound" to the rest of the world. Taking the form of a traditional New Orleans brass band and morphing it into a high energy sound that we like to call, THAT DUVAL SOUND. Founder, Paul Jackson Live, cast this 10piece ensemble with young, experienced, talented and educated musicians. Our roster is professional and diverse. From intense training in classical, jazz, music theatre, and music theory, we have formed the perfect group for that "Let's Ride" sound. Adding that Real Brass to Hip-Hop, Funk & Jazz Fusion! ​The intensity of the band’s energy is fueled by their desire to inspire others. The band understands that music is a universal language and it can be used to lift spirits, bring smiles, and move hips! While working on their original album, they have been "riding out" to all your favorite music. So "Let's Ride" Y'all!

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904 - 505 - 8764

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